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Hi, I'm Silvio Bernardinello, your Technology Partner for building and scaling your next project.

I can help you in all the phases of your digital journey.

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Some use cases where I can help you


"I have a Business Idea for an app/website. Can you help me build and manage it?"

Cloud migration

"We are moving our services to the cloud with Kubernetes. Can you help us with this transition?"

Tailored software solutions

"We are a firm of professionals and we need a custom management software tailored for our needs."

Fractional CTO

"We need someone who can handle all the technical complexity, hire a team and help us prioritize development for our go-to-market strategy."

Site Reliability Engineering

"We need to structure our service to be 24/7. We need more monitoring capabilities and live alerts to lower our customer churn."

Data & Intelligence

"I want to gather insights from my data. Which is the best analytics platform for me? How can I build the data pipelines? Do I need a data platform?"

About me

Hi 👋 my name is Silvio, and I'm from 🇮🇹

I'm a passionate and curious Computer Scientist with a decade of professional experience in both Startups and Enterprises.

Over the years, I've held roles as Tech Lead, Scrum Master and Manager at several companies. This path eventually led me to became entrepreneur and CTO of my own startup.

During this journey, I've had the opportunity to refine my skills and tackle any technological and managerial challenge with confidence. The experience and expertise gained enable me to effectively manage work, both for myself and others in high-complexity contexts.

I can help you in various stages of your journey to:

  • structure your business strategy in an actionable product roadmap
  • bootstrap your project with the right technological choices
  • speed up your velocity and accelerate your go-to-market strategy
  • bring your idea to life or help you coordinate the development team
  • hire the team you need, when you need it
  • automate your operations with best practices and optimize your running costs

My background

I got my Master Degree in Computer Science in 2014. After some work years, in Oct 2019 I pursued my Executive MBA from Politecnico di Milano Business School and started collaborating with various startups since then.

My hobbies include playing the piano (classical music, I graduated at Conservatorio di Milano), traveling and hiking.

Frequently Asked Questions

I solve problems related to digital products. I can help you craft a new software based on your needs or extend your already running software with new services. I can help you scale your team and select the winning technology for you. I can help you in specific use cases, such as Cloud and Data Management.

Yes, I love coding, and I'm used to say "I code for food". I code in several languages, and in case you were wondering, my favorite one is Python.

Yes, I leverage a network of different types of professionals (designers, project managers, ...). They can help me or you any time needed.

I can sign an NDA and terms sheet to ensure the appropriate confidentiality

Music 🎹

Apart from software, I enjoy playing the piano, particularly classical music. Here you can listen to some of my recordings from back in the day.

Sorry for audio bad quality, I'm working on it :)

Partita 5 in G minor BWV 829

J.S. Bach

Scherzo und Marsch

Franz Liszt

Four Klavierstucke op. 119

Johannes Brahms

Pour le Piano

Claude Debussy

Preludio op. 28 n. 15 "Raindrop"

Frédéric Chopin